Together, for your project

With over 10 years of experience in the sailing industry and worldwide, we have seen many systemic changes that are gradually leading us to change our everyday habits.

Uminody was born from the desire to exploit the new opportunities that are available to us today, working with a resolutely modern vision to provide the best possible support for your projects, whether you are an individual or a company and whether your project is related to the nautical sector or not.

The simplest way is often to talk about it together, so please feel free to reach out directly to discuss.

Uminody - Le Spécialiste des Systèmes d'Enrouleurs et Emmagasineurs

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Furling Project

All you need to know about furlers

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Notre boutique est spécialisée sur les systèmes d’enroulement de voile dont les pièces détachées  (enrouleurs, emmagasineurs, hook-émerillons …)