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It is sometimes difficult to look at the big picture when you are involved in the day-to-day operations of your company, just as it can be difficult to enter a new industry in which you do not master the codes.

With a significant experience at the international level, most of it within the sailing industry, we bring our knowledge and know-how to your project whether it is to better prepare you in a launching phase, to challenge your current organization, to anticipate the systemic changes you will have to face or simply to take a step back to carefully think about your actions and your activity.

Uminody - Coaching & Training for the succcess of your sailing project

Specific to sailing

Are you looking for a speaker or a consultant? Whether it is for a training course, taking a group sailing with a skipper, or group session with a professional sailor to share his experience, we can help you in the following:

Specific to your organization

We can specifically assist with the following missions:

Uminody - Training and Coaching for your organization

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