Uminody supports various projects on a daily basis at both strategic and operational levels, in France and abroad.

If you have a project for which you would like to be assisted by a company that combines its experience with international know-how, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss it together.

Trogear adjustable bowsprit

The company Trogear was founded in 2013 in the United States and manufactures a unique system that can be managed from the cockpit.

The special feature of this bowsprit is that it can pivot up and down, making it easier to manoeuvre with headsails, but also not avoiding extra dock fees, as the system can be raised once moored.

We support Trogear in its business development with French-speaking customers, but also with worldwide marine professionals. We also support the company’s managers in their commercial and strategic plans and in the development of their product range.

Upffront.com, one-stop shop solution

Upffront.com was created in 2015 with the idea of revolutionizing the way sailboat owners and professionals in the industry source their deck and rigging equipment. The company has focused on the performance market and has developed a platform that allows it to source from major brands as well as niche manufacturers. Upffront.com’s ambition is to carry on its platform all the brands, all the products and all the spare parts.

We support the company in its sales development on the French market with a clientele of private owners and marine professionals. We also assist them in their commercial development in selected international territories, such as the United States and the Pacific zone (Australia & New Zealand).

Furling Project, all you need to know about furling equipment

Furling Project is your source of information for everything that appeals to the world of furling. This site was launched in November 2019 with the idea of sharing our knowledge and know-how on furling equipment – a subject that is particularly close to our hearts and which is sometimes difficult to grasp.

Thanks to our network of contacts in this very special world, we share news, product information, educational content and resources that can be useful in the pre-research phase or for system maintenance.