Adjustable Bowsprit

Trogear was founded by Henry Dokonal, a lifelong sailor eager to share his innovative ideas with other mariners.

This disruptive bowsprit solutions came out in 2015 after a few years of research and development in California, USA.

The sprit features an A-frame design, allowing it to rotate up and down. This unique feature appeals to cruisers and racers alike, looking for a safe solution to manage the furling sails from the cockpit, without compromising on performance or incurring extra docking fees.

Patented after-market solution for Yachts up to 70'

Overall presentation

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Overall presentation of the concept

Our hinge mount installation and adjustable bobstay means you can adjust the sail luff tension from the cockpit, giving you ultimate control when open ocean sailing or rounding the race marks.

When performance makes a difference

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - AS25 model

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Illustrating the concept in video

This video is a great introduction to the concept of Trogear adjustable bowsprit.

Illustrating the disruptive design enabling the bowpsrit to pivot up and down, it will give you a complete understanding of how this unique product can help sailors better handle their free-flying foresails (Code Zeros, Gennakers, and Asymmetric Spinnakers). 

The video was shot in the San Francisco Bay onboard a Beneteau First 300.

Press play and enjoy!