Depending on your yachts or your sailing program, you may want to consider a custom solution.

For those racing, this situation can happen if you are looking for a sprit but do not want to suffer any penalties.

For those cruising, it can be due to the layout of your foredeck and anchor storage which needs to be kept clean when your sprit is up.

Over the years, Trogear has worked closely with owners and riggers worldwide to provide the perfect fit and solution.

Custom bowprits for your yacht & program

Adaptable bowsprit to fit your needs

What is the process to customize your bowsprit?

Step 1: Understanding your needs & requirements
We need to have a complete understanding of what you are looking for to assess your requirements.
Step 2: Recommendations & Suggestions
Based on your information, we will provide insights and recommendations to best achieve your goal, given your boat and your program.
Step 3: Narrowing down the solutions
Together with you, we will fine tune the details and decide on best installation, as well as final bowsprit specs (length, ...)
Step 4: Custom form approval
Once we have narrowed the solutions, together with the Trogear engineering team, we will provide a mock-up drawing along with custom form to be reviewed and signed off.
Step 5: Scheduling production
Once the custom form is signed off and the deposit is received, we will schedule your bowsprit for production and delivery!
Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Custom Solution supplied to a Jeanneau 53

Jeanneau 53 – Custom bowsprit on anchor roller

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Custom Layout

What important information is required?

General information:

If you are racing:

Looking for a custom bowsprit ?

Farr 50

AS50 Custom Bowsprit

Murray 50

Custom Bowsprit

Jeanneau 53

Atlas Custom Bowsprit

Imax 45

Custom Bowsprit


AS50 Custom Bowsprit

Bénéteau First 36.7

AS40 Custom Bowsprit