The Trogear adjustable bowsprit was designed to allow multiple installation methods, so that every owner would be able to enjoy the benefits of this unique aftermarket solution.

The preferred method of installation is through the hull, but over the years the Trogear team has developed standard accessories to install the bowsprit above or below deck, but also on yachts featuring a narrow hull like the trimarans or crossbeam for catamarans.

You will see on this page information on the different methods of installation possible.

Adapting the installation to your yacht & program

Above or below deck

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Through-Hull Installation on a JjBoats J100

Through-hull Installation

The preferred installation method is to install a fiberglass hinge tube across the bow.

It is located about 5 cm from the top of the deck and about 25-33 cm aft from the tip of
the bow (specific placement depends on your yacht and selected bowsprit).

The hinge tube is glassed into the hull, though the bowsprit is removable.

In some cases, such as yachts with a sandwich core hull, it might be necessary to reinforce the hull. If you are in doubt, it is best to consult your rigger.

You can retrieve the Through-hull installation guide here. For any question, please make sure contact us.

Other installation Methods

Over the years, the Trogear engineering team has developed standard accessories to allow for the installation methods of the bowsprit. For some yachts, the standard install method, or the use of Trogear’s alternate standard attachment parts is not possible.

Together with Trogear, we are always available to advise on the best method for your yacht even assisting in the development of custom parts should that be needed.

You can see below the 3 different options that are available for your yacht:

  • Above Deck
  • Below Deck
  • Catamaran Crossbeam
Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit fitted with Bow Roller Stainless Steel brackets on a Sun Odyssey 379

Above Deck

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit Mounting Accessories - Bow Roller Brackets

Bow roller Brackets or U Brackets

Below Deck

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit Mounting Accessories - Side Mounts Brackets

Through-hull or Side Mounts

Catamaran Crossbeam

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit Mounting Accessories - Catamaran Brackets

Catamaran Brackets

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