The Trogear bowsprit is designed to be used in a horizontal position, as per any other bowsprit. The loads generated by flying sails (Code 0, Asymmetric spinnakers, or other downwind sails) will create a force upwards which, if not retained, can cause a great distortion of the tube. If the bowsprit is not held horizontally, this can lead to greater damage or the failure of the bowsprit itself.

This is why it is important to rig a bobstay to use your Trogear bowsprit and prevent any failures or accident.

Keep your Bowsprit Horizontal When Flying your Sails

Rigging the bobstay

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Bobstay Recommendations

General Instructions

The Trogear Bowsprit should be close to a horizontal position when flying the sails.

The load generated by Code 0 or Asymmetrical spinnaker when reaching is high – therefore bobstay components need to be sized accordingly with a minimum safety factor of two.

The bowsprit itself is designed for compression loads with a safety factor of 6, and it is preferable to rig the bobstay so that the compression forces on the bowsprit are added in the direction from the tip towards attachment.

Fixed or Adjustable Bobstay?

The simplest way to rig your bowsprit is with a fixed bobstay. In this case, simply attach one end to the point of attachment on the bow, and the other end to the tip of the bowsprit. With this configuration, you would not be able to adjust the height of the bowsprit.

The main feature of the Trogear bowsprit is the hinge attachment, which enables the sprit to rotate up and down. To take full advantage of this design, it is recommended to rig the stay with a 2:1 purchase system, with the line leading to a clutch and a winch to the cockpit. This will allow you to adjust the sail luff tension or bring the bowsprit in the upright position (for stowing or changing sails).

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - How to rig the bobstay

Illustration with 2:1 Purchase system

You can retrieve the complete diagram and instructions by clicking here!

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