Given the unique feature of the Trogear bowsprit that makes it possible to pivot, rigging a system to lift your sprit up when you release your bobstay will help you during your maneuver. 

It will make it easier to reach out the end of the bowsprit and attach/remove your sail. 

In racing, it can also prevent any penalty that may be conceded for having a bowsprit in place while rounding the buoy.

Take the full benefits of your bowsprit

Lift it up

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Rigging Requirements

Optional for your installation

A Bungee cord can be used to hold the Bowsprit in an upright position or pop it up when the bobstay is released (similar in function to a Pole Topping lift). Trogear recommends the MiniShockleTM from Davis Instruments but other items can be suitable as well.

Stow your bowsprit upright when back at the dock and avoid any extra docking fees!

Looking for a lifter?