The Trogear bowsprit solution is unique in the way that it can pivot up-and-down. 

This design provides the great advantage to be able to adjust the luff of the sail from the cockpit. Because the bowsprit can rotate it is crucial to keep it from dropping down to prevent any accident in the event of the sails dropping to the water. The loads generated by the sails could damage the bowsprit or even worst lead to its failure. As much as it is necessary to rig a bobstay, rigging a preventer solution is essential in the installation of the bowsprit.

Preventing the bowsprit from pivoting down

anti-drag system

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Preventer

A crucial element of your installation

A method of preventing the bowsprit from pivoting down past a predefined angle is needed in the event the sail drops to the water. The preventer should be made of Dyneema and the lower friction ring at the tip of the Bowsprit. The length of the Dyneema should be such that the sprit does not drop past ~20deg of horizontal when under tension.  Think of it as an inverted bobstay or a topping lift on a spinnaker pole. It is a preferred method of preventing the Sprit from going down too far, important in the event the sail drops to the water.

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