The U brackets are designed to install the bowsprit on top of the deck for yachts where the trough-hull installation is not possible or owners who feel more comfortable drilling the deck rather than the hull.

The type of mounting accessory can be ordered with a quick release pin, as an upgrade.

These brackets are suitable for the AS25, AS30R, AS-40 and AS50.

Custom brackets may be available for the ATLAS and MAXI.

For an Installation Above Deck

u-Shaped brackets

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit Mounting Accessories - U Brackets

U Brackets


Length 100 mm
Width 51 mm
Weight N/A
Bolt Hole Ø 10 mm
Bracket Body Aluminum 6061, Anodized
Bracket bushing Aluminum 6061, Anodized
Bolt bushing Delrin
Bolt material Marine Grade Stainless Steel


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U Brackets Picture Library

Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit Mounting Accessories - U Brackets
Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit fitted with U Brackets on the Half-Tonner Nuzulu
Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit - Standard U-Brackets for installation Above Deck